Since appearing in the Android SDK earlier this month, we’ve known Android 5.1.1 was coming. Today it appears to have hit AOSP, with code being uploaded and an official developer changelog being posted – we’re also seeing the fruits of Google’s labour with a factory image for a Nexus device – but hold your horses it’s the Nexus Player that gets first shot.

The Android 5.1.1 – build LMY47V – factory image is now available to download from the Android Developers page, for those wanting to flash their set top box back to stock. If you are developing for the player, the Android 5.1.1 Binaries are also available for it on the Binaries page.

In case you’re interested in what’s changed on the builds, Android Police have generated a changelog based on a script from Al Sutton and the inimitable Jean-Baptiste Queru. You can check out the full change log dif here.

The Nexus Player is due to go on-sale here in Australia next week, so get ready for some updates when you first turn your new set top box on for the first time.

Source: Android Developers.
Via: Android Police.
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Darren Ferguson

Still waiting on 5.1 for the Nexus9


This build has been seen on N9, so hopefully it’s next. Would make sense given it missed 5.1.


I hear ya mate. No tech blog seems to have been able to get Google to Pauline Hanson this as yet… (please explain).