Google is only too well aware of its obligation to protect and secure the data of some 2 billion Android users around the world. Five years ago it started producing an annual review of Android’s security and privacy practices and safeguards, and it’s just released the fifth edition.

The report highlights Google’s achievements over the past year in securing Android and how the company has worked to keep the Android ecosystem secure.

In 2018, Google adopted new measures including regularly providing updates through Google blogs and new Transparency Reports, which give a quarterly ecosystem overview. In the 2018 year-in-review, you’ll see fewer words and more links to relevant articles from the previous year. Check out Google’s Android Security CenterΒ to get the latest on these advancements.

For 2018, some of the major highlights include:

  • New features in Google Play Protect
  • Ecosystem and Potentially Harmful Application family highlights
  • Updates on our vulnerability rewards program
  • Platform security enhancements

For a quick overview of the review, this video from Google’s VP of Android Security and Privacy Dave Kleidermacher is quite informative:

You can download the full report here and it’s quite an interesting read.