Typo is one of my favourite stores around, and it seems they now have a smart speaker that utilises Alexa Voice Services on sale for $99.99.

The smart speaker, which takes its design cues from smart speakers currently on the market, utilises Alexa Voice Services to provide users with smart, AI controlled goodness. As such, the speaker needs to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network or via tethering to your smartphones 3G/4G reception. Users can control the speaker via an app, along with a button to enable push-to-talk functionality.

It also has multi room listening capabilities along with the ability to head on the road with you with a 5 hour battery life.

It is made of both steel and plastic and for $99.99, it is a little more expensive than say Google Chromecast mini or the Amazon Echo dot and a little bit cheaper than the Google Home smart speaker or the Amazon Echo speakers also.

You can head into your local Typo store or buy the voice smart speaker via the Typo website for $99.99 (+ delivery through the website).

Source: Typo.