With Google I/O set to kick off tomorrow in the wee early hours (approximately 3 am AEST) we haven’t got long to find out what Google has in store for us product-wise but also the next and upcoming version of Android, known as Android 12, we thought it would be time to look at the rumours and features that may be unveiled at the tomorrow’s event.

Android is getting a huge makeover

Android, as it stands under the ‘Material Theme’, has largely remained the same visually — despite tweaks — since it was launched with Android Key Lime Pie.

The rumours recently have been led Jon Prosser when he leaked the UI major changes on his FPT YouTube channel. These include changes to the notifications tab and widget which, apparently, will get a major overhaul as part of the new Android 12 release. Check out the full video below outlining the changes coming to Android 12:

A summary of changes includes:

  • Left-aligned clock on your home/lock screen will now display your notifications and alerts statuses
  • Display a number of pending notifications that will be visible in a circle alongside it.
  • Cross-device functionality
  • A focus on privacy and security settings for users

The widgets are also getting a significant overhaul including a new music playback widget, clock and alarm sliders, and a weather widget is also said to be part of the major redesign with what seems to be a commitment to pastel colours, contrasts, and fluid UI elements.

New Google Assistant and smart home products

There have also been rumours of potential new smart home products. This could take the form of assistant on more devices, even potential new Nest smart home products, with some products being recently discontinued the potential is huge.

Could we see a potential new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Ultra and Pixel Watch?

This is more the long shot, given Pixel devices are generally launched on their own at MadebyGoogle events which are generally held later on in the year. Rumours do suggest we may see a Pixel Watch though. This has long been rumoured and following Google purchasing Fitbit that rumour strengthened.

Like anything, most of these leaks could be taken with a grain of salt until they are unveiled. We don’t have too long to wait since the I/O Keynote begins in around 7 hours time. If you want to check on the keynote, head to the Google YouTube channel at 3 am, or of course, Ausdroid in the morning to hear about Android 12 and any new products launched.