IFTTT Android Launch
If automating internet based processes sounds fun then If This Then That (IFTTT) is for you. Although there’s been a lot you could do on IFTTT via their web interface, it’s been available to the iOS community for what seems an age, offering them even more functionality based on iOS integration. But, as of this morning IFTTT has finally launched an Android App and they’ve included six Android specific channels that have been added to the recipe list.

The recipe list is the core of IFTTT. A recipe is the mix of actions or If X then Y, for example If you take a screenshot Then upload to Dropbox. To facilitate their move to Android integration they’ve added six new channels that you can add to recipes in IFTTT :

  • Android Device
  • Android Location
  • Android Notifications
  • Android Phone Call
  • Android Photos
  • Android SMS

There’s a massive list of products both physical — Belkin Wemo, Philips Hue — and virtual — Evernote, Dropbox, Instagram — supported by IFTTT, which allow you to do a massive variety of things. It’s an easy to use interface, with a large variety of recipes pre-assembled in IFTTT ready to go, with some Android based recipes setup thanks to a Beta group who began testing the service a few weeks ago.
IFTTT Recipe 3

IFTTT Recipe 1

IFTTT Recipe 2

But it hasn’t been a smooth launch with some people experiencing issues signing in as well as activating some of the Channels. Also, some of the in-app assets requiring a bit of proofreading before they launch the next version :

The Android app is now available from Google Play for devices running Android 4.4 and above. Check it out and share your favourite recipes below.

IFTTT - Automate work and home
IFTTT - Automate work and home
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    Jordan Curtis

    Not for nexus 7?

    Phill Edwards

    Works on my 2012 Nexus 7.


    Yeah it works on mine now, when I first checked it said not compatible, and no option to download. Strange.