That gentle rocking motion of a train or bus is enough to lull the weariest of travellers off to sleep on a journey, meaning you miss your stop, but Google Now will apparently now let you set an alarm, which can alert you when you reach your intended destination.

Travellers using Public Transport will now see an alarm option in Google Now, that you can now tap to activate or tap again to disable, which will alert you as you near your destination. The destination is worked out by saved locations in Google Now, such as Work and Home locations.

Android Police, who first wrote up the new feature say that the alarm works independently of the inbuilt clock/alarm app.

An interesting new feature for those lucky to be able to use public transport and a boon for anyone who has fallen asleep on the bus or train. Try it out and show us some screenshots in the comments.

Source: Android Police.
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    The thing is, Google Maps/Navigation used to do this for public transport navigation.

    It would vibrate.sound an alarm at the stop before yours to let you know to get off.

    The public transportation navigation was removed from Maps I think with 7 & I have never been able to find out why & if it is coming back.

    Ramiro Fernandez

    If only ptv would come to the party and release the Melbourne public transport timetable information like they have been promising for years now…


    It’s absolutely pathetic.


    In their mind, they did. They just didn’t deign to release it in a format readable by Google.