Up until recently, the YouTube app has been missing the ability to force streaming in a specific resolution. But Google has been working on it, recently rolling out options for 144p to 720p, but this morning there seems to be a new update allowing some users to stream up to 1080p.

YouTube version 5.7 introduced the options for manually selecting streaming quality, but only up to 720p and no 480p option was available. This morning it seems that the 480p and 1080p options are available, these are server side options so you won’t need an update.

To get to the streaming options, simply tap the three dots icon, then the cog, you will then, if you’re lucky, get the option for 1080p and 480p streaming.
YouTube Streaming Options

It’s obviously dependent on a 1080p version of the video you’re watching being available but it’s a good move by Google.

Have you seen a 1080p option in YouTube this morning?

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