Humble Bundle Mobile 6
The Humble Bundle Mobile 6, which launched last week with 6 great games available if you pay above the average, has today upped that number to 9, adding another three great games.

The Humble Bundle Mobile 6 has added Carmageddon, Time Surfer and Llamas with Hats: Cruise Catastrophe. While the debut game – Duet – from Australian development house Kumobius, was worth the money alone for the Humble Bundle Mobile 6, the game Llamas with Hats: Cruise Catastrophe looks to be the icing on the cake. Based on a popular YouTube series, the game will definitely keep you amused. Check out the video :

The average price – which you have to beat to get all 9 games – is currently sitting at $4.48, this is still a fantastic deal with all the titles well worth the price. You can as usual split your payment between the Humble Bundle folks, the Developers and of course the two charities the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Childs Play Charity.

Head on over to the Humble Bundle website to grab your bundle.

Source: Humble Bundle.