Google Play Services is about to get a bump up, with Google today announcing they will begin rolling out version 6.1 to Google Android devices, bringing with it more powerful analytics from Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Fit compatability on any Android device and some under the hood changes to Google Drive.

The Enhanced Ecommerce tag was introduced in Google Play Services 5.1 and allows developers to get a better insight into customers interactions pre-purchase. Enhanced Ecommerce has now been incorporated into Google Tag Manager, to let developers manage tags more easily.

Google Drive is getting behind the scenes updates, with a new feature called Completion Events, which lets developers see when actions are completed, as well as improved response time to conflicts. There’s new Material Design elements included and new Recent and Starred views. There’s also some new classes at work to make things a little easier.

Google Fit gets an update which makes it compatible with all Android devices, not just the Android L preview. Google has warned that APIs may change between now and the final release however.

It’s mostly under the hood changes here, the update will roll-out slowly but surely over the next few days, at which time Google will publish some doco for it and update the SDK.

Source: Android Developers Blog.