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The Humble Bundle is a great way to get access to games, books, music and more, their Android app provides an easy way to access their content on the move, but it looks like the recent update to the Google Play Distribution agreement has forced them to remove their app from Google Play.

The folks at the Humble Bundle have announced the latest move on their blog, announcing :

We will soon be removing the Humble App for Android from Google Play and will only be distributing the DRM-free installer directly from our website

The Humble Bundle app allows you to download and install the DRM-free apps you purchase from the various Humble Bundles, including Books, Games, Apps Music and Audio Books. But this distribution of content contravenes the Google Play Distribution Agreement which recently updated stating that :

You may not use the Store to distribute or make available any Product which has a purpose that facilitates the distribution of software applications and games for use on Android devices outside of the Store.

For their part, the Humble Bundle team has advised that the app will continue to be available from their website, with a raft of new updates planned. The Humble Bundle app from Google Play will continue to function, but will not auto-update, so you will need to install the updated version from the Humble Bundle website.

Interesting move, with the Humble Bundle folks removing their app, it remains to be seen how long it will take Amazon to make a similar move considering they offer a massive array of content, including apps from their web store through their app.

Source: Humble Bundle.
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    Peter Massey

    “it remains to be seen how long it will take Amazon to make a similar move”
    I didn’t think you could get the Amazon AppStore on Google Play anyway? I’ve always had to install it directly from the Amazon Android site.


    The Amazon app itself lets you do that kind of thing now from what I’ve heard, no separate Appstore app required.