Play Classic Rock
If you still prefer to purchase your music album, by album, or track by track, instead of using one of these new fandangled streaming services, then you’ll be right into this. This morning Google, began offering up a free album of classic rock tunes, called Play: Classic Rock on Google Play Music. This is similar to the Play: Pop Hits, which Google gave away for free last month, but is now selling for $7.99.

There’s some great music here – Bat Out of Hell is an awesome track, as is Poison – the rest is probably good as well ;).

  • Journey – Any Way You Want It
  • Meatloaf – Bat Out of Hell
  • Toto – Hold the Line
  • Alice Cooper – Poison
  • Europe – The Final Countdown

Head on over to Google Play Music to add the album to your library now.

Source: Google Play Music.
Thanks: Jeni.


    1. I hadn’t realised what Play: Pop Hits was selling for since adding it to my library last month.
      I know there’s a Play: Jazz Pioneers album in the series, which I missed when it was free back in mid September.
      I’m now wondering what other albums are in the Play: series by Sony.

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