Android on ChromeOS
Since Google announced that Android apps would be arriving on ChromeOS at Google I/O last year, there’s been a slow crawl of apps. Four more apps have now appeared, bringing the total to 28.

You can view all the Android apps that have been ported over to ChromeOS on the Chrome Webstore. Google has created a new category called ARC compatible apps, which lists all 28 apps.

All the Android apps released so far use the Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC) extension which enables Android apps to run on ChromeOS. If you haven’t installed any of the ARC compatible apps previously ChromeOS will automatically install the ARC extension for you before you install any of these new apps.

The four new apps are also listed here, but if you can’t trawl through looking for the new apps, the new ones listed are :

  • Baby Blocks – Wooden blocks are a favorite childhood game for children. Try out this fun educational learning app with your little ones.
  • Math Friendzy – Math Friendzy is the most revolutionary math educational program designed to help students excel in math. It includes several patent pending features and all the fun, excitement and social networking components of popular video games that kids love.
  • Flashcards [::] – Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use flashcards app to help you study? This app allows you to create or download millions of flashcards on hundreds of subjects created by both experts and novices.
  • Photo Editor – Photo Editor is a simple and easy application for photo manipulation.

There’s no big names here, it’s pretty lacklustre in fact, but it’s progress. If you’re looking for some big name apps, you may find that VLC may be the one you’re looking for. According to Anandtech, the Android version of the media player will be ported over using ARC and hopefully be released in the coming months – you can bet we’ll be all over it when it does.

Via: OMGChrome.