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Wikipedia - Card Sharing
Wikipedia is the source of the resolution of many arguments, and Wikipedia is making it even easier to share a fact from their Android app.

If you have the Android app installed, all you need to do is find the article you want, highlight the section you want to share and then select the share button. You can then choose to share the fact via a Wikipedia card to wherever you want. There’s two ways to share, by text, which will simply paste the text into your application of choice, or via image, which will share a professional looking card with a link to the article containing the salient passage.

It’s a neat way to go about proving a point, Wikipedia isn’t regarded as the most reliable of sources but their articles are pretty well fact checked and sourced – I mean, even Ausdroid is a source on Wikipedia. If you haven’t got the Wikipedia app installed on your phone, head on over to Google Play and install it, it may save you next time you have an argument.

Price: Free
Source: Google Play - WikipediaWikipedia Blog.