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PushBullet recently added their Portal file transfer feature, making it easier to transfer files to and from your phone or tablet, but it looks like that was just one feature in a major overhaul, with PushBullet announcing a major new update overnight.

The update is majorly aimed at re-thinking their interface to make it easier to show information on your device. The new layout includes new categories, including Me, which includes ‘things you’ve shared between your own devices’, as well as a ‘Friends’ and ‘Following’ category to make it easier to work out where things came from.

Another big feature is apparently an oft-requested one, with the ability to reply to your friends now included in PushBullet. Of course this means you have to have friends populated in your list – something I’ve never bothered to do, but will now as you can now send both messages AND files to them by simply tapping on them.

The Windows desktop app has also been updated with ‘drag and drop support for multiple files’ as well as ‘Chat Heads’ for messaging on the desktop client. The Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari extensions have also received updates for messaging with link sharing and history now much improved.

This is a massive update and is pretty well thought out. You can grab the update through Google Play now, so head on over and make sure you have the update

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more
Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more
Source: PushBullet.