Last week, it came to light that a bug was affecting users who chose to store music locally on their device, which removed the files against the wishes of users. Google announced at the time, that they were working on a fix, and it looks like the fix hannounced at the time

This morning, users are being prompted to update to Google Play Music version 6.0.1950S, which lists a fix for the issue in the ‘What’s New section. There’s other fixes included in there, including an issue with some songs and albums not showing up in My Library, but it’s the fix for removing music that’s the big news.


  • Listen to free, ad-supported radio (US only)
  • Added a fix to prevent music downloaded to SD cards being removed
  • Fixed a bug where some songs and albums from My Library were not showing up on device

It seems that none of here were affected by the issue, but the ability to store music offline is a must for a number of users who don’t have the luxury of streaming sometimes large amounts of data. If you were affected, check out the update which is available now in Google Play.

Source: Google Play.
Thanks: +Duncan.
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    Benjamin Dobell

    So that’s what happened to my music library! I was scratching my head on holiday in the UK just last week. I had pre-downloaded many albums, went to play them and a heap of them only had a few random songs (not the entire album). Anyway, it’s still not fixed properly ๐Ÿ™ After installing the latest version and toggling “Downloaded Only” I could still only see a few songs. It seems however if I play one of the songs I should have already downloaded, with “Downloaded Only” off, then re-enable “Downloaded Only” I can see that song and a few… Read more ยป