Twitter has today announced further improvements to their Direct Message (DM) feature, allowing users to send messages which exceed the traditional 140 characters.

Twitter is a very much public experience, although you can lock your feed to a private account. Twitter has been updating the private side of things for a fair while now, including adding the option to reply to Direct Messages without being followed by that person, attaching emoji, pictures and video to DMs, this latest improvement is the icing on the cake.

Mobile devices and social media go hand in hand for many people; I downloaded and joined Twitter the day I got my HTC Dream for example. So news from Twitter about updates are big for a number of people. Being able to send a quick message (larger than 140 characters) to Twitter friends is a big step, which will allow people another avenue for communication beyond that pesky SMS system.

Twitter will be rolling the update out across Android (and iOS), as well as on desktop and web over the coming weeks. Try it out and see how it goes.

Developer: X Corp.
Price: Free
Source: Twitter.