Parallels has updated its cross-platform Access remote control service to version 3. Parallels Access lets you control Windows and Mac computers remotely from a web browser, Android or iOS device under a recurring subscription model.

The new version of Access on Android brings a new “universal” file manager that lets you browse and preview files and photos both locally, remotely and in cloud storage, with better preview functionality for remote Microsoft Office files and enhancements to accessing and sharing files with other apps. It includes a new way to share large files between a mobile and a desktop without needing to share through a cloud service, and there’s also better support for multi-monitor remote systems and access to photos on your mobile devices from the desktop.

Parallels Access costs $24.95 for one year and $43.95 for a two year subscription for up to five computers. This is actually the same price at which Parallels introduced the service – it’s good to see new features being added to a product without increasing the price.

Version 3.0 is now live in Google Play, Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store and in Amazon. If you own a recent Samsung device, check your Galaxy Gifts section – there should be a free six month subscription so you can try the service out.

Parallels Access
Parallels Access
Price: To be announced
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