4Sq - Google Now
Since splitting out parts of their app to Swarm, FourSquare has become a great place to go to get recommendations for places to eat, visit and things to see and do. But what if you could get all that great information just pop into a card in Google Now unbidden? Well, that’s apparently what is happening for some users.

Jordan Novet from Venture Beat began seeing FourSquare cards in Google Now this week, now while this is possible with the recent integration of select apps into Google Now, the twist is that Jordan didn’t have the FourSquare app installed.

It seems that there’s some sort of back-end testing going on with these cards, on which of course both FourSquare and Google have declined to comment.

The cards seem to definitely be aware of his location as he navigated around San Francisco, offering tips on the park and coffee shop he was near. The option to dismiss the cards from FourSquare from Google Now is present, so if you start getting cards like that in the future you appear to have the option to mute them.

It’s an interesting twist and something that could present a lot broader implications between location and data sharing between Google and third party companies. If it bothers you, it’s probably worth turning off location sharing to limit the amount of location data you have going out.

Source: VentureBeat.