YouTube’s chief business officer, Robert Kyncl, was a surprise attendee and presenter at the GoPro keynote at CES last week, taking the opportunity to announce a new partnership with GoPro, as well as HDR support for YouTube.

Kyncl, who has been with YouTube since 2010 after a 7 year stint with Netflix, oversees all business functions of YouTube including sales, marketing, content, and general operation.

After making 360º a major priority in a couple of announcements last year, Google and YouTube are looking to bring the format to the masses, and at the keynote, Kyncl, with GoPro’s Nick Woodman announced that YouTube and GoPro are partnering to bring more 360 degree content to the video platform. GoPro will make it easier with plans to release a more “casual” spherical capture camera soon – this will obviously explode 360º content creation with GoPro one of the most widely recognised and used action cameras in the market.

Kyncl wasn’t finished however, announcing that YouTube will begin supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR) video ‘soon’, though an exact date wasn’t announced. While we’ve been used to HDR photos for some time now, HDR video is a newer idea and with the worlds largest video site supporting it, we can very likely look forward to seeing more support in phones and cameras coming to market in the coming year(s).

Via: 9to5Google.
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