King of the video streaming services, Netflix, has introduced a new feature in their latest update which means you could soon be paying for your subscription with Google Play Billing.

Listed in the ‘What’s New’ section of their Google Play store entry alongside the usual ‘Bug Fixes’ we all know and love, the new feature is listed as:

‘Coming soon: Subscribe for Netflix via Google Play Billing (new permission required)’.

The feature, when implemented simply means that you could start an account – or possibly switch your current one, though that’s unlikely – using Google Play Billing as a method of payment.

Netflix has been growing steadily in terms of subscriptions since expanding worldwide earlier this year. The company beat earnings expectations in their first quarter results announced earlier this month, but even though they grew, they failed to meet expectations in new subscriber signups. Implementing a new avenue to attract customers and make it easier to sign up could be a good way to increase their subscriber base.

No announcement has been made on where, when or how the feature will be implemented, but stay tuned if you like using Google Play as your one-stop shop for payments.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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    netlfix hack

    We are looking here to get the netflix accounts.

    Dan Rayner

    Does anyone know how on earth you set this up?


    Another way to figure out your location and block you..


    Great news for those on Telstra prepaid

    Daniel Tyson

    Also Optus – they too have Carrier Billing and they have sales on credit too 😉


    Correct me if I’m wrong but the Optus situation is nowhere near as good as Telstra prepaid in this regard. On Telstra, if I recharge $40, I get this $40 to spend in the Play Store in addition to unlimited calls, $3GB data, etc. It’s basically “free” money. So in this case, I could get Netflix, Play Music and Foxtel Mobile (for example) included at no extra cost.


    It doesn’t have anything that I like; South Park, Family Guy, and such. After my free 6 months offer from Optus is over, it’s back to MegaBoxHD.

    Darren Ferguson

    Doesn’t Google get a 30% cut from this?