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If living on the edge and testing out upcoming titles before they’re officially on the market is your idea of a good time, the Google Play ‘Early Access’ section is for you.

The Early Access program is a new section of apps and games that’s accessible on your Android Device through the Google Play store, giving you access to titles both paid and free that are close to, but not quite ready to launch. There’s a selection of titles in the Early Access program, which let you ‘Get a sneak peek and install apps & games still in development’. Each title has a warning on it that the game is still in development and may be unstable.

There’s a selection of both Games and Apps available in the Early access section – with 7 apps, and 9 games available at this stage. There’s some well known titles included in the Early Access program such as Lego Go Build and Readfeed’s new app. The Early Access section, though available through the Google Play app, don’t appear on the Google Play website at the moment. A search for apps does yield results with similar warnings about the app being unreleased and possibly unstable.

Once you’ve installed an app from the Early Access section, the title will then show an ‘Unreleased app installed’ warning on the Google Play entry. The app will also show up in the now rolling out ‘Beta’ tab in your My Apps and Games section of the Google Play app.

If you want to check out some new apps and games, but with the possibility of perhaps a few bugs cropping up, the Early Access section of Google Play should be open now for business. Open Google Play on your Android device now and see what you like the look of.

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    Bootloops Anonymous

    Was kind of hoping to get allo before release, but no dice.