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We’re beginning to get reports from Ausdroid readers that they are seeing a Beta tab show up in the “My apps & games” section of Google Play on their devices. The Beta tab is showing up alongside your subscriptions, installed and all options already in the App.

The new setting seems to be rolling out server side in the typical staged Google rollout approach. For those that have it, you can now easily see which beta programs you are enrolled in, provide feedback to the developer and even leave the beta trial if you wish.

Not all of the apps I have enrolled in a beta program for seem to be here, which either means that 1. I’m not really beta testing them at all, or 2. that the developers have to either enrol in the program or meet certain criteria for inclusion.

The feature seems to be rolling out slowly with a number of tips on this feature appearing over the last couple of weeks, so if you haven’t gotten it as yet, don’t worry.

Are you seeing the beta tab? Which apps are you beta testing? let us know below.

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Michael Goulding

I have had it a few days, Evernote showing up in there but I’m unclear what the beta features are.

Greg Smith

Just checked the Play Store; I have a beta tab and my own app appears in it. I didn’t need to do anything new in the Dev Console to get it to appear here. This is a good addition, especially for leaving a beta program which was previously was a bit unclear and clunky.

Jamie S

I had it for at least a couple of weeks now. I just thought everyone already had it?

Daniel Tyson

It started a couple of weeks ago, but over today/yesterday it appears that it’s widespread.


I’ve had it on my Nexus 7 for a week or so, but got it on my Nexus 6P this morning. I don’t have the subscription tab though… what’s in that?


Apps that use the subscription payment model, I pay for all the apps!


That makes sense… I thought it would show even though it may be empty… alas it does not.


Wait, it won’t be long