Got a Chromecast? If so Google’s got a gift for you, 50% off your next movie purchase, however unlike may of the Google Play Store offers this one isn’t restricted to a specific range of titles, no your discount is store wide, and what’s more it works on movie collections. We’ve got to say thanks to Jamie for spotting this is the Google Play app today.

Unlike most Chromecast offers this doesn’t need to be redeemed via the Google Cast app, in fact, the Chromecast devices doesn’t even need to be active. Google has obviously somehow tagged accounts of Chromcast owners to simplify the process. Just open the Movies tab in the Play Store mobile app and you’re away.

If you’re the type who likes to maximise their discount or you’ve been waiting to get the special collection at a good price now may be the time to strike. In fact, depending on the collection you could actually buy a chromecast and still be better off, check out some great ideas below.

What movie did you get? Let us know below.

Thanks: +Jamie.
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Bought Captain America: Civil War in HD and rented Hunt For The Wilderpeople to watch with the wife this weekend


Getting me all hot and excited with your promises then you just SNATCH IT AWAY from me just becuase I don’t have – *sniff* – no, it’s okay – I’ll be alright…