For those Android Pay users living in the UK, Google has an early Christmas present for you. Each time you use Android Pay to tap & pay in stores or on the Transport of London network between now and December 31st UK time you’ll be gifted with a virtual cracker within the app.

Each cracker gives you the opportunity to win one of over 100,000 gift cards ranging from a £10 Costa Coffee card up to a £500 Curry’s PC World card. Additionally, each user’s first 5 taps gifts you a virtual coin, collect 5 coins (or 5 taps) and you’ll receive £3 for a cup of coffee from Costa Coffee.

The gifts don’t stop there, for UK Uber riders who link their Android Pay account for payments you will receive up to 50% off your next 10 rides (up to £5 per ride) when you use Android Pay to pay.

For those living outside of the UK, Google has something in store for you too: animations! Each time you pay you’ll have a 25% chance to see one of the 4 different Christmas themed Android Pay animations Google has released this week. We actually spotted these a few days ago and have been trying to screen record the whole set.

Once we capture all of these little guys we’ll post them up for those of you who haven’t switched banks yet to see.

Source: Google.
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Nice cameo by Westpac in that sneak peek of the animations!

Phillip Molly Malone

Have been seeing the animation and they are just a great touch. Little Ray of sunshine on your day!
PS. Also started seeing location thing as well tonight. Would be great if they offered opportunity to link a rewards card to a location as well!