Google’s Daydream Virtual Reality platform is about to get a lot bigger with Google advising developers that they can now upload their Daydream-enabled APKs for distribution.

Since launch, Google has been careful about the content released for Daydream, though that isn’t changing, who can publish is. Previously only selected partners could publish apps for Daydream but a note in the Google Play Developer Console, as well as via email to Daydream Access Program partners is advising of a change to the rules. The email reads:

Potential Daydream Access Program Partners,
Good news. We have opened up the DAP to allow all developers to go through the process of self publishing their own apps/games on to the Daydream platform via Play. We posted publicly available materials on the Google VR Developers website that include instructions on how to ensure your app is approved and listed on to the store. In addition to the technical checklist of requirements – apps will need to:

Maintain high performance to provide a comfortable experience, and
Use the Daydream controller for user interaction

We are very excited about opening the ecosystem up to allow for all sorts of differentiated and amazing content.

The Daydream Team

Availability of content is a good step in the direction of getting Daydream recognised as a driving force in virtual reality, as will a more broad choice of hardware for the platform.

At this stage only Google has a Daydream headset on the market, though other manufacturers will be releasing their headset/controller combos soon. Only a few Daydream certified phones on the market, with the Pixel/Pixel XL, Lenovo’s Moto Z and ZTE Axon 7 the only ones actually available. These will be joined shortly by the Asus Zenfone AR and Huawei Mate 9/Mate 9 Pro, and possibly more in the near future with a raft of flagship phones expected to be announced at, or soon after Mobile World Congress.

If you’re a developer then you can jump into the Google Play Developer Console to check it out, or hit up the Google Support page for Daydream to see what you need to add to your app.

Source: Google Play Developer Console.