In conjunction with Earth Day, Google has taken the wraps off their entirely new version of Google Earth available on both the Web, via Chrome, and Android. The new version of Google Earth offers users more curated experiences, enhanced information, improved imagery and much more.


First up is Voyager, a new curation experience where Google has teamed up with international storytellers, scientists and nonprofit organisations to deliver interactive guided tours from across the globe. There are currently over 50 experiences in Voyager with more planned to be added weekly.

Search the world

While you’ve always been able to search Google Earth, Google has beefed up the search so you can now search for say “The capital of France” and it will take to straight to Paris. Additionally, Google Earth is now littered with Knowledge Cards similar to what we’re used to in other forms of search. This combination of natural language search and knowledge cards may just transform Google Earth.

Are you Feeling Lucky?

This could have been included in the search section, but it’s just so cool that Earth now contains the I’m Feeling Lucky search that we all know and love from traditional search. On Earth, it will lead you to any number of surprising destinations. With over 20,000 curated ‘Lucky destinations’ it will take you some time to churn through them all.

See the world in its 3D glory

The new Google Earth also includes a significantly improved 3D view of the world. While some of the places I visited were basic projections of the traditional map, the more “popular” the site the more likely it is to have a full higher res 3D view.

These views can be captured and shared, sort of like a digital postcard.

If you want to check out the new version of Google Earth, either jump into Chrome and head on over to the website, or Grab the android app below.

Google Earth
Google Earth
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