After a small group of users began seeing speed limit information showing up in Google Maps last year, Google has finally clarified which areas they’re showing this information.

A Googler on the Android Auto Google Product Forum has confirmed they are only showing the information in two areas – the San Francisco Bay Area and Rio de Janeiro, confirming that this is indeed a very limited feature. The Googler who is from the Android Auto team, said they were confirming the location of the feature on behalf of the Google Maps team. They have advised that these are the only two regions supported ‘currently’, with plans to roll it out to more regions soon.

It makes sense to test the feature out around Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, Google’s home turf, but Brazil is a weird choice. Then again, maybe the data was available? Who knows.

In the interim, if you do want to get Speed Limits displaying on your Google Maps you can try an app called Velociraptor, which is available in Google Play. The app is free to install, but offers In-App Purchases so it’s not a free way to do it, but it can be done. The app offers speed alerts to let you know when that accelerator has crept up there and perhaps save you a speeding ticket.

Source: Android Auto Forum.
Via: Android Police.
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    Waze includes speed limit information. It’s not always entirely accurate, but users can provide feedback when they are inaccurate. It doesn’t use Google’s maps though.


    Here has got 90% of australian roads covered.
    A better choice when driving.


    Have been trying a Windows 10 phone for about 6 months just for LOLs. Speed limits in Maps is the one feature that I will really miss.