You should know by now that le tour is now making its way around, up and down the hills, valleys and roads across France. To make it easier to follow along back here in Australia and around the world, Google has tweaked their Google search for mobile on iOS and Android to show better results for the Tour de France.

Google has updated the Google app on Android and iOS, as well as their mobile web search so when you search Tour de France you’ll see more information related to the tour. The search brings up a carousel with tables showing a current leaderboard with the racers and their times, current Jersey holders and as you swipe across you can see results for each stage. You can also scroll down and see news stories from the Tour. Google also says they’ve added in real-time update posts from the Tour de France.

In Australia, SBS is your home for all things Tour de France. You can of course watch the race through the SBS Tour Tracker or watch it live through SBS On Demand on the web, or their app which of course now has Chromecast support. The SBS Tour Tracker app is also chock full of news about the race.

Whichever way you choose to watch the Tour, or find out about it there’s lots of great stuff available on mobile.

Source: Google.