Google has probably one of the best search algorithms out there, but that doesn’t always mean they’re perfect. Today, Google has launched a new feature for their image search to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

The new update for the Google app for Android and mobile web searches adds badges into image search, tagging what’s behind a search result. Badges will appear in the bottom left corner of an image search. Google has demonstrated this in their image below showing a search for cupcakes which yields the badges ‘Video’ and ‘Recipe’ to denote what you’ll get when you tap on an image.

Additional badges can also include products, and animated images (GIFs). Google will attempt to automatically tag results, but webmasters can help by using the appropriate markup for recipes, products and video. Google says they can automatically add badges to GIFs without any markup at all.

Google says badges should be appearing now, but it’s not appearing here as yet so keep checking back.

Source: Google.