At Google I/O back in May, Google announced that Web VR + Web AR was coming to Chrome VR in a package that could be used on their nascent Daydream VR headset. That day is here with Chrome Developer advocate Fran├žois Beaufort advising that Chrome for Android now supports this.

From version 61 of Chrome for Android all you need to do is load up a website in Chrome for Android then slip your compatible phone into a Daydream headset. This first iteration of Chrome VR only allows ‘users to view and interact with any website in VR, follow links between pages, and move between 2D and immersive viewing for sites that support WebVR’ says Mr Beaufort.

This is the VR side of Chrome VR, but Google also has Augmented Reality (AR) features coming to Chrome as well. Developers can play with some of the WebAR tools with Google releasing code to the Chromium github at Google I/O.

If you have a Daydream compatible phone and a headset this is very much worth a go.

Source: +FrancoisBeaufort.
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    Dean Reading

    Did anyone get this working? I downloaded Chrome Beta from the Play store and inserted my GS8 into the daydream view while running it.
    The ‘press the home button on the daydream controller’ screen appears. After holding down the home button, google chrome just opens back up normally…