One of, if not the most popular root applications of the past years has been SuperSU by Chainfire.

While ownership of the app was handed over to CCMT a few years ago, the app continued to be a steady-use item for a large number of power users but it seems in the last few weeks (I used it in the second week of September personally) the app has silently disappeared from the Play Store.

The reasoning behind this is – as yet – not publicly known and could be as simple as an automated removal because the app is not meeting compliance on one of many rules outlined in the Developer terms. What makes me say this particularly is the SuperSU Pro page is still active.

Never fear though, if you’re an avid user – you can still download SuperSU from their website to continue using the product. Keep in mind though: you’ll need to enable installation from unknown sources, but if you’re a root user – you already knew that.

With the changes in the Android landscape, what value is there in rooting a device these days?

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    Sadly, I missed the boat on unlocking the bootloader of my Mate9, so I couldn’t use this if I wanted to. I have used Chainfire’s stuff in the past when I had an S2, and it was rock solid then, so I’m kinda annoyed that I can’t utilise this now.


    An old standby of mine. Still using it on my old Nexus 5. I remember the stir on XDA when Chainfire handed over the ownership. Root users thought the end of the world was nigh.