We knew it was going to happen and now with Android 10 rolling out, the remaining Google apps are getting Dark Mode. As it stands Gmail, Assistant and Maps are yet to see Dark Mode but it’s coming.

A quick scroll through the updated Android website shows the Android team’s favourite features in the updated OS. Easily looked past is the fact that the dark theme area shows Gmail and Assistant sporting the battery-saving, eye strain-easing Dark Mode. If you’re quick you can also catch a glimpse of Dark Mode in Maps under gesture navigation.

In brutal honesty, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Dark Mode has been a much discussed theme of Android 10 for some time as a big battery saver with system wide capacity. Perhaps the only surprise is that we haven’t seen it prior to Android 10 dropping for daily use.

Source: Android Website.
Source 2: 9 to 5 Google.
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Dean Rosolen

The Google app itself seems to be missing dark mode (checked on both my OG Pixel and my Pixel 3).

Jeni Skunk

Very much looking forwards to this.