Kayo shook up the streaming world a bit when it dropped last year. Personally I know a lot of people who have previously not purchased Foxtel because all they wanted was the Sports channels and it’s expensive. Likewise I know a number who were on Foxtel and now only have Kayo.

It seemed like a somewhat dangerous business model in my eyes, potentially losing customers from Foxtel to gain them on Kayo but paying less money. It’s been done, they’re making a success of it and continuing to grow their market!

What shows how much of a success is the amount of streaming that has been done by individuals and across the nation:

Personally I’ve apparently streamed over 17,000 minutes (nearly 8 days) during the year. Which I guess is plausible with V8 Supercars, Formula 1, NBA and a lot of AFL to watch during the year. Although I’m a small time streamer compared to one fan who logged over 450,500 minutes (312 days straight) of sports through the year – I can only assume they’ve got a really good data plan or retired to watch Kayo.

The current good standing comes from listening to their viewers and they’ve made a promise to continue that:

We’ve heard your feedback and are working hard to release new features, including fixtures with match centre stats, Samsung TV and PS4 compatibility.

Some of the enhancements they’ve dropped to the app in recent times has been Monday Mini’s. They’re a snapshot of the weekend sports that interest you. They’re pretty well put together, give you a bit more than a highlights package but not the full, often time consuming broadcasts.

The other recent addition to Kayo on all platforms that has improved usability is search. Before this, if your desired watching was not on now or very popular it could be potentially difficult to find. Now you can punch in a search for a particular sport, team or event and find it in moments.

we’ve now added a search tool across all devices and platforms to help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Use it to find a specific game or event, or to see all the content that we have for a particular sport. Why not check out the quirkier side of sport and explore the world of hot dog eating, sumo or cornhole?

I know I’m happy with the investment I’ve made in Kayo Sports, I’m not alone either. The app has gone from a very solid, functional start and continued to improve steadily across the year. Provided they continue to bring improvements to the platform and cover a broad range of sports, I can’t see my subscription stopping anytime soon.

Kayo Sports

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Feature enhancements are great but i would prefer they focus on core functionality like providing a constant reliable stream. Watching the NRL I constantly suffered drops to lower bitrates to unwatchable levels or even the stream stopping altogether to rebuffer. This was guaranteed to happen on Friday night games and almost as frequently on the other days. This is with a 100Mb Telstra connection that never has issue streaming netflix at 4k etc. Its for this reason I couldn’t justify subscribing at the full price (had taken advantage of various deals posted on ozbargain). Will give them another chance next… Read more »


can you watch replays of NBA games?

because last time I check you couldn’t watch replays of NBA games, which was a bit of a turn off for me.

Shahil Prasad

one of my comments when I cancelled my sub was that it needed a search tool. Was very impressed with the app though.