Google Australia and New Zealand has announced that it has partnered with Transport for NSW to provide more information on public transport in Sydney on delays and as well as how busy and crowded stations and trains are for your daily commute.

This update has begun rolling out to Google Maps in Sydney and helps provide delays to your train commute as well as provide crowd information so you can make a decision whether you might want to wait until a quieter time to head to your station.

Google announced this new feature through a tweet during the a week in which Sydney suffered through multiple delays to the Sydney Trains and Intercity Network.

However, given this information is not quite new given that Google had already started to provide real time information This update enables information about delays and crowding on Sydney trains and stations. It joins apps such as Opal Travel and TripView in working with Transport for NSW to provide this information.

If you’re a regular Sydney Trains or Intercity Trains user in Sydney, it might be worth checking this new feature out.

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