Google has today announced that its Disability Support service will now support people who might be deaf and hard-of-hearing by supporting American Sign Language.

American Sign Language has now been added to Googles Disability Support service, which provides specialised technical support for Google’s products and services. There are 466 million people around the world who are deaf and hard-of-hearing already may use services and apps like Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier to help them communicate and interact with others but can now add this service to the list.

You can watch a video about the new American Sign Language service below:

Google has said that it will now have American Sign Language (ASL) specialist staff available through video chat thanks to services from Connect Direct through TELUS international. The specialist staff will be available for those who may be deaf and hard-of-hearing between Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time USA (so between 3am and 12 midday AEST) and help provide answers about assistive features and functionalities within Google’s products.

Google’s Disability Support service is made up of “inclusion advocates” who want to bridge the divide and work with those most vulnerable with disabilities in the community, along with Google staff to help “improve and shape” Google’s products with feedback from the people who may and do use Google’s products daily.

You can find out more about Google’s Accessibility Help Center here and you can also head to to connect with an ASL specialist as well.

Source: Google the Keyword Blog.