WhatsApp has further solidified its standing at the top of the messaging pile with a huge milestone. The five billion install mark has only been achieved by a few apps, and Facebook’s self-titled app is one of them, and now WhatsApp has joined it.

While this is a truly massive achievement for the WhatsApp team, there are some noteworthy variables in the mix. The number includes pre-installation on devices through various partnerships, as well as downloads from the Play Store. The continued development of the app and the addition of functionality is very welcome and also plays a part.

Perhaps predictably, after the platform was purchased by Facebook it has continued to grow. With a userbase as large as this, the organic growth will continue that trend.

Regardless of your motivation for using Whatsapp, it is clear that users are part of a large userbase that will continue to see the benefit in the future. Let’s just hope that the retreat from adverts is a long term decision.

Thanks: Mark for the heads up.