Last year at MWC we saw the first big steps to Assitant integration in Messages. That evolution continued with RCS and we believe, soon to also have reactions. It seems the next step in that fully unified Google communication pathway is to add quick add and launch buttons to other Google feature apps.

There are multiple reports — primarily from the USA at this time — that users are seeing new buttons in conversations. The quick-add button prompts users to attach recent photos as well as a quick launch button to initiate a Duo call. The attach recent photo button appears above your text input box when you’ve taken a photo within the last few minutes only.

Both seem to be progressively rolling out to users at the moment, only some of our team have seen it and we’ve had no tips from readers yet to report the additional features.

What would you like to see from Google’s messaging platform to make it indispensable for your daily use?

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James cychowski

When will Australia get a real rollout of RCS from Google, irrespective of which network provider you use, its getting sick of waiting


> “What would you like to see from Google’s messaging platform to make it indispensable for your daily use?”

Huh? Nothing! Who uses text messaging anymore?


An awful lot of people in the States…it’s mind blowing when I go there, they will only use SMS. Primarily because of iMessages original foothold. Even some people using iPhones discriminate against non-iPhone users because they can see a different colour for my regular Android SMS


Yeah I saw this new button pop up yesterday, didn’t pay too much attention to it actually. I checked the update history and Messages shows as last updated on the 29th April.
Pixel 4 on Optus

Anon Ymous

End to end encryption signal style is the only thing that would make me switch back. Respect my privacy….

Andrew D

Confirming that I can see the “Attach recent photo” button and the Duo call button. Huawei Mate 20 Pro with Optus firmware (in Brisbane, Australia).

James C

You have Rcs active with Optus? Are you using Google’s messaging app? find that hard to believe mate, there are forums on Optus from people about the availability of RCS, and as far as I’m aware on Telstra and other little Telcos that use the Telstra network have Rcs