Google is seemingly making a serious effort to deliver a messaging platform that users want to be a part of. The continual improvement of Google Messages is testament to that, unfortunately, they have tripped a few times along the way. Most recently, the potential integration of Duo and Meet has popped up. Ignoring their foibles, Messages is going from strength to strength and now with a further RCS feature (via Android Police), it’s getting even better.

The latest addition to the features list is to choose to send a text rather than RCS style chat. Now, this probably isn’t going to be an issue for most users, if chat is working well then leave it alone. But depending on your data signal at the time then you may occasionally see issues with RCS.

In testing this because of the speed of connection, I couldn’t manage to get the popup on the screen let alone change the sending option. Much to the amusement of my Ausdroid colleague Duncan, but when I killed my Wi-Fi and Mobile Data connection it was a different story.

Obviously the message wouldn’t send without data, but that also highlights the potential use case for this feature if your signal is poor. It also became clear that the feature isn’t yet available in Australia.

It is common for Google to roll these features out progressively, often via server-side updates. So I’m not too worried, providing the testing is successful there’s no reason a wider rollout shouldn’t occur soon.

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You must be the only ones because I can send RCS messages with no problems and receive them with no problems from my family and friends on T-Mobile.


Does Messages offer delayed sending? Templates? Hidden chats?


I cant even start with this app, there is so much crap wrong with it. It doesn’t matter what they do. The US has problems with RCS messages on TMobile. Talking to family also on TMobile it send regular messages all the time in the chat. It really does get annoying seeing one light blue bubble when 10 messages on either side all went through fine.


Are you on the Telstra network? Still no love or workaround with Optus 😥


The best workaround is to ditch Optus. The post I wrote yesterday is only one example of their dishonest and unethical business practices and frankly, pathetic customer service. Checkout Boost mobile, they offer plans that are probably cheaper than what you’re paying Optus now and the difference between the two networks is chalk and cheese.

Marcus me

I have just signed on with Boost tonight, Optus have had more than enough time to get their act together i’m done with them.


Good one Marcus. I’m guessing you won’t be disappointed.

For Marcus and others that are Google fans, another feature that I found that seems to be exclusive to the Telstra network (in Australia) is the ability to link your Telstra mobile service to Google Assistant. For those that are not aware, this allows your Google Home / Nest devices to make calls directly over the Telstra network (via WiFi calling obviously).

Calls are made independent of your mobile eg. your phone can be physically switched off and you can make calls from your Google Home / Nest devices.


RCS has been available in Australia on the Telstra network (and its MVNOs such as Boost) for over 18 months. Telstra is the only operator to have delivered on the commitment made to the GSMA several years ago to support and roll-out RCS in Australia. Both Optus and Vodafone also pledged support for RCS yet neither network has delivered on its promise. I spent over 12 months trying to ascertain from Optus why they hadn’t honoured their commitment not only to their own customers, but to all mobile users in Australia and to a lesser extent, the world. It has… Read more »


How can I get RCS on my pixel here is Australia?


That’s great and all. But where’s Google’s RCS in Australia? Any actual rollout schedule or plans for us here? They seem to be dragging their feet with it as usual.


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It’s available on Telstra for Samsung/Pixel?


Telstra RCS, or Google RCS? They’re working on them talking to eachother at some point, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

It’s still a mess.


There is no such thing as Telstra RCS. Google Messages uses the Universal Profile so interoperability with other RCS users shouldn’t be an issue, regardless of network / handset.


RCS working fine here on my OnePlus, Telstra PrePaid.