The time has come where for many, Google Play Music has seen its last sunset. We’ve known for a long time this has been coming so it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The transition hasn’t been perfect with many features not available or buggy in the early stages of the YouTube Music migration.

An increasing number of users are now seeing that Google Play Music is no longer available in the Play Store. Many who already have the app are seeing a warning that “Google Play Music is no longer available” in their installed app, being encouraged to transfer their library to YouTube Music. If you’ve still got access to GPM, you’ll find a persistent warning that it’s going away soon.

This is the final phase of the process to Sunset Google Play Music following a flurry of work in recent times to get YouTube Music to parity with GPM. Longer-term this should be — hopefully — a single, long-lasting product for streaming services. Now if only they’d do the same with messaging…

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The YouTube Music UI is atrocious. Useful features are either hidden and hard to navigate to or too in-your-face. It keeps recommending me music, artists, and genres that I’ve never listened to before, nor would want to. Forget about playing your own uploaded music; they left this as a jumbled mess where all the music is in one single long folder. However the only positive about the much-loved Google Play Music shutting down is that it allowed me to explore other options. I’ve now moved on to Plexamp, a passion project from the developers of Plex, which is still miles… Read more »

Mark Smith

YouTube music is dreadful for people without a subscription or want to stream.
My wife gets ads listening to music she bought and downloaded through the playstore and she’s bought a lot over the years.

Angus Gibbins

By far my biggest issue with YTM is the lack of gapless playback when Casting to Home/Nest devices.

I’m using a Google Phone, Google Speakers, a Google Music subscription, what more do they want?


And the YTM app is really starting to feel the resentment, with a flood of 1-star reviews bringing the overall rating down. Ha ha.


I had no issues with GP and it worked great, now i find YTM plays low quality concert recordings when i’m out walking rather than the original. Plus it kept forcing videos when i just want music to play. Ended up moving back to Spotify but i miss the ad free youtube. Such a shame they replaced GPM with a lesser replacement.


I’m on an old version of GPM so aren’t getting the GPM is closed warnings. I can still download and play my own music and playlists either steaming from my library or downloading them. I know I don’t have access to music outside of my library, but at the moment that’s ok. This is working on my new pixel 5, I just downloaded an old version of GPM from the APK mirror. I already had turned off auto app updates on my phone, so just need to ignore the updates to GPM that the play store says is waiting for… Read more »

Trevor Pollard

Uploaded albums, on GP, are not fully accesable on You Tube Music, via the Sonos app.
Google blames Sonos, Sonos blames Google.
What a joke. So, when GPMusic finishes, only a quarter of my uploaded albums are accesable on my Sonos system.


Using your own library in YouTube Music is a painful experience. Also, no ability to play your own library via Google assistant is a massive loss.
It virtually renders my Google Home and Mini useless. Even with a premium subscription, it will play anything but your own library.


At least they allowed Android Auto support for uploaded music now. I also found that albums added during a trial period to a fav list have been imported as uploaded – purchased albums in YouTube music. Better download them quick before they fix it.


I haven’t been able to cast my playlists using my Google Home for weeks now. It worked for about a day then has stopped. Not happy, Jan.


Google announced that feature is available about a week ago. I can confirm Google Home now plays our curated playlists.
Unless of course you’re referring to your own personal music. That I can’t help with as I only stream and not own music.