We saw the intial reports that multi-device functionality was coming to WhatsApp at the start of last month. Now through WA Beta Info, we’re seeing confirmation that some Beta users are getting early access to the feature.

The details we knew previously have been confirmed:

  • The multi-device login is limited to one phone
  • You’re limited to a maximum of four devices
  • Busienss accounts can’t yet connect multiple devices

If you are already part of the beta, the functionality appears under Linked Devices. If you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll see multi-device beta which will get you on the program. There’s no direct indication at this time when the feature will move out of Beta, so we’ll be keeping our eye open.

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Hey Phil. Does this mean that if I have an Android phone and an Android LTE tablet, I cannot use multi device? If that is the case, I think this will be a major oversight. I know I would like to use the same account on both devices more so that I can continue with conversations on either device.


No, it means that only one device can be a phone. An Android tablet is not usually considered a phone, even one with LTE data capabilities.
An app needs only call a single method [isVoiceCapable()] which will return false, if the phone does not have calling capabilities, even if it has LTE data only capabilities .



Hi Tim

Thank you for the clarification. Greatly appreciated.