Last seen is a great way to know and understand when your contacts have been online most recently. But there are times when people knowing you’ve been online can be a problem. Soon, you may well be able to select contacts that you don’t want to know or see when you’re online.

The information comes from WhatsApp Beta Info, a regular source of info on the popular messaging app. This is a slight evolution from the current settings option where you can show your status to everyone, to contacts only or no one. Now you’ll be able to selectively choose not just to show your contacts your status, but “my contacts except” and select contacts you don’t want to know your online status.

While there are questions around some of the practices of WhatsApp and its owner, Facebook in terms of privacy. Small steps like this do make a real world difference to some users who need the protection while remaining connected.

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I just enrolled in Beta where i can use by browser on ipad to use whatsapp even when phone is off.