It’s not unusual these days for subtle digs to happen on social media. Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP at Google really wasn’t subtle with his latest jab at Apple.

It’s pretty easy to translate the cryptic nature of the comments:

  • The Green and Blue hearts, referring to iMessage display when someone not on the platform is in a group chat
  • “Really Clear Solution” being RCS
  • The folks are, of course, Apple

The offer — perhaps easy to view as a challenge — comes at a time when Google Messages running RCS has recently gained end to end encryption. This follows a slew of other features across the 18 months prior, with no sign that Google intends to let up the pressure.

With the huge variety of options in messaging, how important is it to you for a single platform to be available across OS options?

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It has taken forever so most folks have moved onto WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal etc where their network is. So while I am RCS enabled, I don’t really use it for anything as everyone is on an OTT app.