For some time now, we’ve not had to say “Hey Google” before stopping or snoozing an alarm. That requirement to use the trigger for Google Assistant before answering calls seemingly is set to disappear too with the rollout of quick phrases.

XDA Developers has outlined the array of phrases that are expected to be supported, as well as the trigger being dropped for actions like answering calls. The feature has arrived on some devices running the latest Android 12 Beta, so clearly, it’s still in testing.

At this stage, once enabled in the Assistant settings, the quick phrases noted are focused on daily living activities. Many are already working on existing devices, with the “Hey Google” trigger. As with anything, removing the trigger phrase could create some issues when others are around like someone yelling at you to “answer your phone”. Ultimately, you get to choose whether or not to enable the feature.

What are the actions you would like to use on Google Assistant without the trigger phrase?