The team at XDA Developers have completed another APK teardown of Google Messages Beta finding some interesting code. That code points to a potential introduction of a nudges feature similar to Gmail. Looking at the code it appears that you’ll get automated reminders to follow up or respond to important messages.

<string name="nudge_continuation_enabled_pref_key">nudge_continuation_enabled</string>
<string name="nudge_continuation_enabled_pref_summary">Messages you might need to follow up on will appear at the top of your inbox</string>
<string name="nudge_continuation_enabled_pref_title">Suggest messages to follow up on</string>
<string name="nudge_learn_more_info_text">%1$s about nudges</string>
<string name="nudge_learn_more_pref_key">nudge_learn_more</string>
<string name="nudge_reply_enabled_pref_key">nudge_reply_enabled</string>
<string name="nudge_reply_enabled_pref_summary">Messages you might have forgotten to respond to will appear at the top of your inbox</string>
<string name="nudge_reply_enabled_pref_title">Suggest messages to reply to</string>
<string name="nudge_settings_page_title">Nudges</string>
<string name="nudge_settings_parent_pref">nudge_settings_parent</string>

The code describes in fairly simple terms: Once you enable the feature, AI will determine messages you perhaps should have responded to or followed up on, but haven’t yet. A very useful feature for people like myself, who often think “I’ll get to that later” and never do despite the snooze notification feature already available.

Once — or if — this feature is rolled out to the final production release, you’ll be able to enable it by going to Settings in Google Messages. The team at XDA confirm that they’re note sure if, let alone when the feature may become available. They do, however, note that if it does roll out – you can sign up to become a beta tester of the Play Store.

This is just one more level of functionality being added to Google Messages in recent times. It seems Google are making a serious effort for this to be the one and only option for Android users, lets hope they stick to that.

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Shane Wilson

I already have this on my Pixel 5 running Android 12

Shane Wilson

Should have mentioned that I run the beta Google Messages app. Images attached.