Over the last 18 months, Google Messages has seen a continuous stream of upgrades and feature additions. Previously we saw the potential for some tablet-style features including sorting by categories.

Sources in the US show that the categories feature is now rolling out to users outside of the Beta program. This is good news for users waiting on the feature. However, as it’s a very limited rollout and not fully featured yet it could cause a touch of disappointment.

Unlike the original testing, there is only a few categories that automatically filter messages:

  • All – Completely unfiltered
  • Personal
  • Business

While this is a far cry from the previous beta in terms of filtering capacity, it’s a start. The other bonus feature rolling out is a toggle to automatically delete One Time Passwords (OTP) to maintain your data security. Now if only Apple would come to the party and use RCS as the fallback messaging option from iMessage.

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How bout they add no notifications for spam. Spam detection is pretty pointless with it still doing push notification & nothing you can do about. “It’s spam!” Ahh yeh thanks for that urrggghh