Bose is a name that everyone knows, recognises and associates with quality audio equipment. Their noise cancelling headphone models QC25 from 2014, QC35 released in 2016 and the latest QC35 II with Google Assistant have all upheld that reputiation and their latest device is set to take their noise cancelling capabilities to a new level as well as adding an AR capabilitiy to the user experience.

Introducing the Noise Cancelling 700 from Bose.

Noise cancelling is wonderful, but it does come with some risks. If you’re commuting, you lose some spatial awareness of people and activities around you. That includes traffic, conversations and the general hustle and bustle of daily life. The Noise Cancelling 700 features incremental adjustments to the feature, meaning you can dull the general noise of the world around you, completely cancel it out or set a number of levels between. You can also hit the conversations mute button to turn all noise cancelling off instantly to hear exactly what’s going on around you.

The microphone array works to give you the variable noise cancelling feature as well as the best call quality, eliminating background noise going to the person at the other end of your call. This extends even further to smart assistants (Google Assistant and Alexa) that will be better able to hear exactly what you’re saying.

Bose has worked hard to give an AR experience without having to have your phone in hand all day.

Bose AR-enabled products have motion sensors embedded inside that can detect your head orientation and body movement while you wear them. Bose AR-enhanced apps can then use this information along with location data from your mobile device to offer you audio content tailored to where you are and what you’re doing.

All of that is before you even get to the sound. While we’re yet to get hands-on (they’ve only just hit pre-order in the USA), active EQ means you can tune the headphones to your personal preference in sound delivery and choice of music, which you’ll be able to enjoy for 20 hours on a single charge.

The pre-orders are under way on the US site for [USD]$399.95[/USD] which will certainly be a touch more in Australia once imported, but from personal experience, Bose gear is worth the investment. Historically, Bose will release devices in the US then expand to other markets a few months later so these should land in Australia later this year.

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What version of Bluetooth are in these ?