Huawei may have been getting the short end of the stick for the past couple of weeks but there is one thing that cannot be taken from them — the quality of their phones. No matter what happens and how this whole situation is resolved (and I dare say it will be eventually) Huawei phones still house of the best smartphone cameras available.

For a short time you can grab a deal on some of them at JB Hi-Fi including $200 off a smartphone that has the best possible camera available and has only been out for a month or so, the P30 Pro and $500 off last years king, the Mate 20 Pro.

The deals available include:

  • P30 Pro — $1,599 now $1,399
  • P30 — $1,099 now $999
  • Mate 20 — $999 now $699
  • Mate 20 Pro — $1,499 now $999

Even with the US issues hanging over their heads Huawei have got some great phones out there, none better than the P30 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro and to have such a large discount on them should make consumers take notice.

Although it is a risk to buy a Huawei device with updates in the air going forwards there can be no argument that if you are buying for now they are a great device. If you are interested head into your local JB Hi-Fi or check them out online.

If you do take up this deal you need to bear in mind that if the Huawei/US issue is not sorted then the device you buy may be without updates for a long time.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
Thanks: Jamie.
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So: how much did this advertisement cost JB HiFi anyway?

Chris Rowland

Does it say paid advertisement anywhere on this post?

No, it doesn’t, and so it isn’t.

Early Adopter

In a way, this is Huawei’s Samsung moment (with the Note battery fiasco). They should heavily discount their phones, call it a “Loyalty Bonus”, and increase the number of customers who will be complaining about the ban when it comes to the next round of Android updates (and putting pressure on the US to reverse the ban). Admittedly, they will take a hit in short term profits (but they are going to take a hit in any event) but if the ban is reversed, they will have expanded market share (in numbers, if not value) and if the ban is… Read more »


need firesale like HP tablet in 2009 for $100

Daniel Ballarino

What’s the point of purchasing a Huawei,despite what sales reps at JB and other retailers say Google are banning Huawei from the playstore etc.Australia included


$200 off? That’s not enough of a discount.

These phones are to be abandoned by their manufacturer. Never to get an update again. Bugs or security holes won’t get patched.

Even using one just as a camera, you’re still going to log in. You’ve still got an active operating system connected to the internet that won’t get patched.

And what’s going to happen to Huawei Australia? The federal government has cut Huawei out of creating phone networks. Soon they won’t be able to sell handsets. What can they do? I think they’ll probably close the Australian outpost.


WOW so many Huawei phones are going on sale now. Thanks to potential U.S economic sanctions. The Wikipedia page titled “Criticism of Huawei” puts into perspective how Huawei ended up in this disastrous situation. If most of the accusations/evidence/admission of wrong doing are true, then I am really happy that Huawei are finally getting punished for their criminal actions. It’s a relief knowing that Australia stopped Huawei from being able to build Australia’s 5G network. Kudos to Huawei for making great innovative and exciting phones (and laptops) and the Huawei phones I see on display at JB HiFi, Officeworks etc… Read more »


You do realise Huawei were a major supplier of the 4G infrastructure int his country, right? These restrictions on them building infrastructure for the 5G network here is going to cause massive delays to Australia’s ability to connect to the new network. Also, yes Huawei have probably had access to everyone’s data (which I admit is worrying) but if you think Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc aren’t doing the exact same thing, you’re deluding yourself. Let’s also not forget that this whole thing was brought about by Trump, so put as much faith in that as you want..


This trade war is all about politics. US saw the global potential of Huawei as a tech company, and US company could not compete.

Trump’s administration could not accept that the US tech industry will be overtaken by Chinese superiority.

US: If you can’t compete them, bury them.
China: You bury us, you don’t know we are seeds.


I’d be keen to buy one of these for the camera alone and keep my Pixel as my daily. Just need them to slash the prices of the P30 Pro a lot more before I can justify buying one