Entry to the new Optus Hornsby store
Optus is looking to refresh their customer experience by revamping their retail experience across 10 retail stores opening this month along the east coast of Australia as ‘yes’ pilot stores.

The re-branded concept stores will continue to roll out across their existing stores over the next 12 months and include the addition of 33 new stores as well as 200 new retail staff. The overhaul of the retail experience will also include an overhaul of the Optus website and Optus branded applications. The new stores are beginning to open now, with Hornsby in NSW opening last week and further stores opening their doors this month in QLD, NSW and Victoria.

The new stores will focus on service, with staff undergoing new training programs that will see them better equipped to help customers decipher mobile plans and choose internet packages as well as having ‘Gurus’ in store to help with technical queries. Staff are also being provided with training to help alleviate calls to customer care and solve issues in-store, with a new queuing app being introduced to allow customers to see when a consultant is available.

As well as getting improved service in-store, customers will be able to experience live demos of new Optus products such as the Optus TV with Fetch or 4G Internet. There will also be interactive hubs which will show off solutions for home, business and mobile. Stores will also see newer technology used which will show a 40% energy saving using new lighting.

I’m an Optus customer and have been for a fair while so I welcome these changes, I use their website fairly regularly and can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

Are you an Optus Customer? Do you think an overhaul of retail stores and their online presence is needed?

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Located in Brisbane. Telstra : If you’re in business (voice/text/data is essential) then your default choice still has to be Telstra I’m afraid. Yes their pricing is worsening & yes their back end is horrific. Big business customers of course get better. Optus : For personal use I recommend Virgin as the best value for money by far. They run on Optus network which is ‘good enough’ for personal use but not in the same league as Teltra. Vodafone : When they finish the network upgrade maybe it will be good but as of now everyone here who has tried… Read more »


If you’re actually paying a monthly cost for a post paid mobile, and have a smart phone, I will go out on a limb to say its just plain stupid to be one anyone other than Telstra. That being said, I don’t live in a large or capital city, I live on the mid north coast near Coffs Harbour, and if you actually want working internet consistently anywhere between Sydney and Brisbane, you have no other choice. If you choose your plan carefully, you will only ever pay maybe $10 more a month to have a better service. Optus (… Read more »

Joshua Kairl

are they going to change the stores so they can do something every time i got into them there like you have to call customer care, wanna deal call customer care, having a problem with the handset call customer care you right in front of me i don’t wanna call customer care

Stephen Crisafulli

This sinks of the same old story. “Our product sucks (3g) so least spend more money marketing it”. There is a reason why Telstra can charge like a wounded bill. People will pay for the best core product


…….a wounded bill. what a classic typo – love ya work!


What’s with the two pair of legs in the foreground………instead of Optus cutting them off at the knees, it appears more like the waist.


They are bending down lol

David Ashton

I’m still tossing up between transitioning to Vodafone from 3, or moving onto Optus – since our landline and broadband are with them and we could save a bit of coin. My only reservations are the Optus’ 900MHz bands. I have a Gnex and N1 which both operate on 850, and while the Gnex is quadband – I hear 850 is great, and though Optus have more coverage than Vodafone, I haven’t had a great deal of problems at the moment, and am willing to let them make amends for their countless errors. Also (though whenever it happens I don’t… Read more »


Increasingly I find myself looking for a better option than Telstra Business. I have been a Telstra customer for almost three years, and in that time the service has really dropped. Cost has gone up, value has gone down, and Telstra’s network is no longer the clear market leader that it once was. Not to mention their back-office systems are so full of holes that it can take up to six months to resolve billing issues… but maybe I’m just cursed. Optus’ networks have suffered from congestion and slow speeds lately, but I do see this changing.. their 4G network… Read more »

Dylan Xavier

Im surprised You used Telstra and Value in the same sentence. :p. And with regards to 4G i have the same view. Optus is much better in terms of coverage. Im hoping it stays that way as that will put pressure in Telstra and Voda increasing competition. Cuz telstra has stayed up there for too long and is not enjoying that sort-of monopoly.


while you may be having problems with telstra you will have more with optus, i have been with optus for years (including a couple of years as an employee) and i can’t see any benefits over telstra, in the last couple of years their network has gone down hill, i will drop 2-3 calls per day and sometimes my data connection just stops, i have seen employees lie to their customers and franchisees teach their employees to mislead customers. optus will reward new customers and punish existing customers. while i am still an optus customer by choice not by contract,… Read more »

Mitchell Smith

I feel your pain. I have can have full bars of reception in many places, yet still have horribly slow data – if any at all, I will drop calls all the time, texts often take several attempts to send. Inside any kind of building the effect is multiplied no matter how many bars I supposedly have. My friend on Telstra just sits there laughing at me as she gets full speed, full reception, no dropped calls or missed texts. I have been an Optus customer for quite some time, have convinced many family and friends to switch to Optus.… Read more »


The thing that makes me appreciate Telstra is their signal penetration. All my friends are on red bull and always show off how quick and cheap their service is but they dont realise how many calls they are dropping and they are alwasy having to go outside of places to make a call. I moved from Telstra once and never will again unless another company clearly offers better quality of service. Its definitely worth it for me. But I do think they are overdue having new plans or a price drop. But they probably wont since they are more popular… Read more »


So you visit their stores every now and then but we use the network all the time and it is so congested that it is useless, maybe put the money into the network and not stores. Am sure it will look great but give me a working network first.


bag the network all you like… tried Telstra lately? they sent much better in most places…Voda actually Haas the best service in Sydney at the moment… and before you laugh I suggest you get a sim from each carrier and give it a shot… ave by Sydney I mean the city…