Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S4
The Dual-mode version of the Galaxy S4 was announced by Optus back in August, with a launch date of Mid-September, but we’ve yet to see any followup, but today Optus advised that the dual-mode version of the Galaxy S4 will be arriving in Optus stores later this week.

The new dual-mode model of the GALAXY S4 is available on the Optus $60 My Plan with a $7 monthly handset repayment. The plan includes 600 minutes of standard national voice calls, unlimited standard SMS and MMS to Australian mobiles and 1GB of mobile internet data (Minimum Total Cost is $1608 over 24 months, cost of 1MB included data $0.0195), all for use within Australia, and subject to the Optus Mobile Fair Go™ Policy. The dual mode new GALAXY S4 will also available outright for RRP $744.

Its launch co-incides nicely with the launch last month of the Optus 4G Plus network, which offers a TD-LTE on the 2300MHz range. The TD-LTE offers users a faster experience where uploads and downloads can occur on the same frequency but at different times, as opposed to the FD-LTE networks currently in use which use two seperate channels for transferring data in each direction.

The Optus 4G Plus network is available in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide but Optus intend to rollout the new 4G Plus network across major metropolitan centres, co-existing with their existing FD-LTE Network. The full range of coverage of the new 4G Plus network can be checked on the Coverage map on the Optus website.

The dual-mode Galaxy S4 offers no real differences in specs to the previous iteration, although some questions have arisen over whether this version will contain the Snapdragon 800 CPU. We’ll be getting hands-on with the dual-mode Galaxy S4 later in the week and will bring you a condensed review and full specs of the device quite soon.

Source: Optus.
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Vodafone now has the S4 with CAT4 LTE with a max DL speed of 150mbps

Paul Walker

Any idea what the model number of this phone is?

Daniel Tyson

Will let you know as soon as I pick it up, Optus aren’t really releasing much info on the actual device – model #, CPU etc.