is one of the many Mobile Network Virtual Operators (MNVO) currently in the market. As they resell network air time from Optus, their overheads are relatively low in comparison, meaning they can offer some great deals. They’ve just dropped another deal in consumers laps offering 20% off plans in time for St Patrick’s day.

This time around the deals include:

  • 100GB of data for $30 per month, down from $38 per month
  • 50GB of data (up from 20GB) for $22 per month, down from $28 per month
  • 8GB of data for $14 per month, down from $18 per month

As with any change of providers; if you’re looking at moving over to it’s worth taking time to check their coverage. But if all the boxes are ticked and the price is enticing, grab a SIM and get your connection going.

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    I think one thing to note with using the wholesale network vs using the full network is there are features/coverage gaps using these MNVO’S

    eg: Belong Mobile don’t have 4G calling on their network meaning all calls drop to 3G which can make a huge difference (personal experience)